Water Play


Today, we got out the tuffspot, bowls, red heart-shaped sugar cubes and a little washing up liquid. Henry starting by putting all the sugar cubes into one bowl of water, then transferring them one by one into another bowl of water. Then he began tipping water from one bowl to another.

This was quickly followed by a splashing frenzy.

He has been engrossed in this for about half an hour so far and there are no signs of letting up yet.


4 thoughts on “Water Play

  1. I absolutely love simple, household-object based but innovative, projects like this. Just shows how engrossed kids can be with something fun and ultimately science based like this! What fun pix!

    • It’s brilliant isn’t it?! I need to start doing more things like this with him. It’s fun for me too, as excitement is contagious! x

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