Toy Story fan


There’s something about, well no, not Mary – Toy Story!!

Such a brilliant film, all these years later. I still laugh at the jokes (although how many times can I watch it before I start wishing for a change?).

We’ve bought Henry a Bullseye previously as a reward for being so good at his vaccinations, but a Woody and Buzz is definitely on its way soon!

(Oh and a potato head he got for his first birthday! This developed into an obsession with carrying around Mr Potato Head’s ears. Now they have disappeared but I’m sure they will turn up in some really strange place. Hopefully not in my son’s nappy…)


Definitely a little fan in the making.

5 thoughts on “Toy Story fan

  1. My 3 yo daughter is a big movie fan, especially Disney (quite rightly!), but for some reason we cannot get her into watching Toy Story! It’s a huge disappointment to my husband who has all 3 and loves them, but we will persevere as we’re off the Paris Disneyland next year and we’ve seen there’s a Toy Story area, so want her excited by it! Maybe, like you, we should buy her a few of the toys to get her more involved – along with her Simba, Aladdin play set, array of Disney princesses…..!! :-)

    • I remember loving them as a child – but with a big brother I’m wondering if I had any choice in the matter! Maybe invest in a Jessie doll! Or a dressing up cowgirl outfit?

      Have fun in Disneyland!! I’m sure you’ll all have a magical time! Xx

    • Aww my brother had woody and I had Jessie! It’s such a good set of films and I’m sure they will continue to treasure them – perhaps even pass them down! I know if I have a daughter she will be receiving my well-loved Jessie doll!

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