Daredevil Baby

Henry has started to be a lot more daring during playtime. His dad does throws him up and catches him, swings him about and all sorts. He used to be too fragile to play with in this way. It has only just been since he can now fully hold his head up, and since he has become so much stronger than he was when he was a newborn. Henry giggles so much, his face the picture of excitement!

I’m not going to be ‘the fun one’ but I can still watch and appreciate what he has with his daddy. He loves him so much, it really is quite nice to step back and watch such a lovely moment.

Anyway, he needs someone to remember he’s got everything before he leaves the house, and to tell him not to forget his coat when it is cold, or to put suncream on when it’s hot. I’ve got that well and truly covered.