First Food!

Our family nurse/health visitor came round to weigh Henry again today, and check-in to see how we are all doing. Henry now weighs 14lbs 10oz and is still right on track. We told her about Henry waking up again for feeds, wanting to feed all the time and all the other ‘signs’ to begin weaning that he has given us.

So, on her advice, we decided to start giving him solids. I made a massive batch of carrot puree (and parsnip seperately for later), and we started to feed him a little today. He loved his carrot. When the first spoonful touched his lips, the concentration on his face was immense. It was like a whole new world had opened up to him. Before long, he was opening his mouth as wide as he could for more, and slurping it all off the spoon. He didn’t even do that thing I was expecting of him that most babies do, when they push it all out again with their tongues. He only had a little, as it was his first try and we didn’t want to overdo it, but he was very happy to eat more.

I’m excited to carry on doing this. I’m so glad that it went well today, especially after the disasterous swimming episode earlier.


Lonely Seaside Stroll

It gets a little lonely sometimes, after the first few months. It is just around the time when you settle into your new role as a cleaner/carer/caterer and general handyperson. It has been a long time since the other half went back to work. A week off just doesn’t seem right when you have a new baby, but technically (even if not emotionally) it only takes one person to look after a baby, so that’s just the way it is.

When on maternity leave, it is lovely to not have any professional responsibility for the time being, while you get to grips with parenting in the early stages. It does, however, leave you on your own most of the time. The days go by quickly and slowly at the same time. It’s an odd feeling, not going to work. I, like a lot of other lucky people, have never been unemployed. It takes getting used to. Not because I have a lack of things to do, the list of chores is never-ending, but because it generally involves being on my own with Henry. I never really used to do anything alone.

While your life stops, almost as if time is standing still, everyone else carries going to work, and having busy social lives. Unfortunately most of these plans don’t include me anymore. I’m not interested in going clubbing anymore, unlike most people my age. I get bored, the music is the type you can only appreciate when very drunk and I would rather spend the time with Henry, or sleeping.

So today, I decided to put Henry in his pushchair and go for a nice, long walk by the sea. It was such a lovely day and it seemed a shame to waste it. This adds to the list of things I’ve only done on my own since Henry was born, like going to Costa for a coffee, going out for lunch, and going shopping. All these things previously felt like group tasks.

At least I’m not entirely on my own. Henry is brilliant company for a four-month-old, and when he giggles, it makes me feel so lucky to have this special time with him.


Learning to Get Attention

I give Henry a lot of attention. When I say a lot, I really mean a lot. I am still on maternity leave, I am still breastfeeding, and I haven’t left his side since he was born for longer than a few hours. He has recently developed a dislike of being put down. It seems as if, when he is awake, he wants to be held. He lets me know this by moaning, very loudly. Sometimes it hurts my ears.

Henry has also started doing this really cute, little cough when he is trying to get my attention. I put him down for two seconds to get on with the endless list of household chores that I neglected to do the day before, when he starts coughing. As soon as I come over to him he gives me the biggest, cheekiest grin as if his cunning plan worked! He is a clever little boy, but I’m sure he is going to be quite a handful before long!


Babysitter for Date Night

So for my Valentine’s Day present, the other half bought us tickets to see Sarah Millican live. It was so hard to leave the little one, even when I knew he’d be fine, and I missed him so much. I really enjoyed myself though. It was great fun, and I haven’t laughed so much in a very long time. It was nice to be a couple again, and have a little break. She was really very funny, and I was treated to a signed DVD and a tea towel (you’d understand if you saw her stand-up) as a little ‘night out’ present.

It was very strange not having to take a massive bag with me, and I did have that feeling that I had forgotten something when I left the house. It’s nice that we have family that can babysit though. We really are lucky.

When we got home, I went straight to check on him in his cot. He was sound asleep with his arms up by his head, and breathing softly. He’s such a beautiful, handsome boy, and I think I love him more and more every day. Especially now he’s developing such a cute, little personality.

It is so rewarding when he smiles at you and giggles when you play with him. He’s far more responsive and aware now compared to when he was first born, and is growing not only in size but socially too!


Baby Hair

I love how Henry’s hair goes after his bath. It’s unbelieveably soft anyway, but after bathtime it’s always really fluffy. It kind of reminds me of a newborn chick or a duckling. Johnson’s baby bath makes him smell lovely too.

I never knew anything could be so cute. I just want to giggle at him all day, but then I would never get anything done.


Night Time

Henry is so good for his age. For any age actually; he now sleeps from about nine in the evening until half past five in the morning. Then he will usually go back to sleep after a feed until nine. We are lucky parents.

I find it hard at night still, because even though he’s currently in a moses basket about two feet away from me, I really miss him. He’s right there and I miss his cuddles and his smell and playing with him. He’s already begun to develop such a lovely little personality.

I look forward to the morning when he wakes up and moans a little to let us know he’s ready for the day and as soon as you poke your head over the side of the basket, the biggest smile stretches across his beautiful, chubby face.

That’s when you know you are doing okay.



Babies are smarter then most would give them credit for. I’m sure they can sense things, even if they can’t do much about it other than smile or cry.

When Henry is with someone who he doesn’t know or is nervous around him, he cries until he feels that he is safe again. Similarly, he smiles for his mummy and daddy. It’s the best feeling in the world.


First Smile!

Henry smiled for the first time today! It was the most beautiful, heart-warming, toothless, chubby grin and both of us were there to see it. His daddy was kissing him and laughing, and then it happened! This time I am sure that it wasn’t trapped gas, and once he did it the first time, he kept doing it as a reaction to both of our smiling faces looking down at him.

The crying part of his communication came as soon as he was born. Now he is smiling to tell us that he is happy, being his mother has just got so much more rewarding. I can’t believe how one little grin can make all the tiredness, stress, and dirty nappies completely worth it! It’s his first major development, and he’s not even four weeks old yet!