So my better half was on Facebook this morning and came across yet another person who feels the need to generalise and stereotype young parents. This particular girl clearly watches far too much Jeremy Kyle and has started to believe that everyone is really like that.

Now I know I’m young to become a mum. I’m still only nineteen. But I would like to clear something up before too many people hear all the bad stories of young mothers and judge me too. I am not living on benefits. I have lived with my fiance before getting pregnant. We have set a date to marry next year because we love each other, not because we have a baby. We both have good jobs, work hard and don’t get anything given to us for free. We love our child, want the best for him and promise to raise him the best we can.

I wish that my age wouldn’t group me in with those who don’t have a clue. And anyway, a young, single parent can be a good mum or dad too. It’s the person that counts. I will never again judge someone on their circumstances until I know them.