Benefits of Blogging; Reading the Archives

I started this blog thinking that it would be quite a nice record of my son’s development and a documentation of our life. I knew that I would enjoy writing it, but I never thought that the archives of my blog would be a source of comfort for me. I was reading the blogs I wrote when we first brought Henry home and how much I struggled in those early days. I’m not saying it’s easy now, it will never be easy again, but it isn’t a struggle anymore and I have really learnt so much. If I could give any advice to new parents that are worried about their ability to parent, it would be this; don’t stress about every little thing, and don’t think it will be like that forever. Babies, like adults, have good and bad days, and even one bad week doesn’t mean the next week you won’t be walking around town in the sunshine with your baby cooing gently, playing with his hands and making you smile. It doesn’t get easier, but it gets better. And far more rewarding.

I wish I could tell the me of five months ago these things. I wouldn’t have felt so guilty for asking for help when I needed it, and I would have enjoyed it a lot more! And my little bundle of gorgeousness is thriving, and I’m sure he still would be, whether I worried so much or not.

There is a lesson to be learnt here. One of many I’ve discovered since undertaking the most eventful, exciting and beautiful journey of my life.


Dinner Plus Henry

The other half and I went out for a lovely meal with friends last night. Henry was amazingly well-behaved. He was content with only a few minutes cuddles and fell asleep in his pushchair the rest of the time. No tears, no fuss.

There was a couple of ‘uh oh’ moments when the Happy Birthday song came blaring over the speakers so everyone had to stop their conversations and it woke Henry up. Thankfully he wasn’t too phased by it. I don’t know why restaurants do that. It’s a really brilliant way to irritate all the diners, AND staff.

But for once, both Henry’s daddy and I got to eat our meals hot and straight from the oven. When you have a little one, you learn to appreciate the times when it all goes smoothly and according to plan because let’s face it, that rarely happens.

It’s more a case of ‘going with the flow’ when a baby is concerned.