Big Boy in His Own Room

We’ve done it. We’ve built up enough courage to move Henry’s cotbed into his own room. To be fair, it looks pretty nice in there, and I wouldn’t mind it if I was put in there to sleep. But we shall see how it goes.

I’m hoping that, as he has been waking during the night for comfort not for food (although the two are more intertwined than you would believe), he may just start to sleep through.

He won’t have his daddy’s snoring to wake him up either. Recommended length of time in mummy and daddy’s bedroom is six months. He’s about five months and three weeks so it’s near enough for us. I am going to work tomorrow for the first time in over six months too. I am looking forward to it, but I don’t want to leave Henry. I’ve said it before, but I really think someone should invent a cloning machine for a person in my position. I love working, and I love my current job. I also love spending time with my son. I’m not crazy about housework but I love having the spare time to do what needs to be done. It really is a balancing act. If you’ve figured it out then I’d love to hear from you.

But as I start to check on him less and less in his new room (I’ve had to resist the urge to go and put my hand infront of his little face to feel his breath) I think we will all get a better night’s sleep. But again, we have to wait and see if it has the desired effect. I’m hoping we don’t wake him up as much as his room is right at the end of the corridor, instead of next to the living room where we stay up after he’s gone to sleep. He should get a good night this way.

Until he starts teething anyway.


Night Time

Henry is so good for his age. For any age actually; he now sleeps from about nine in the evening until half past five in the morning. Then he will usually go back to sleep after a feed until nine. We are lucky parents.

I find it hard at night still, because even though he’s currently in a moses basket about two feet away from me, I really miss him. He’s right there and I miss his cuddles and his smell and playing with him. He’s already begun to develop such a lovely little personality.

I look forward to the morning when he wakes up and moans a little to let us know he’s ready for the day and as soon as you poke your head over the side of the basket, the biggest smile stretches across his beautiful, chubby face.

That’s when you know you are doing okay.