My Trainer (Every Girl Needs One)

I went to go and see a personal trainer yesterday evening, as my parents agreed to look after Henry for an hour or so while I nipped down to the gym. She specialises in pre and post-natal fitness, and words cannot describe how great it feels to know that what you are doing is beneficial rather than harmful to your recovery.

I, like a lot of women out there, didn’t have a clue where to start on getting back the tone in my stomach muscles. I also didn’t know what I could and couldn’t do in regards to which exercises I could safely participate in. Apparently, I’ve been doing it all wrong. But better I know now then a few months down the line when I’ve done serious and permanent damage.

It makes me wish that I had kept up doing something like swimming or antenatal exercise classes (such as pregnancy yoga) so I didn’t have to fight so hard now. But finding the energy and the time is rather difficult. Especially if you had every pregnancy symptom under the sun like I did. Being sick, having horrendous heartburn and falling asleep constantly doesn’t really leave you in the best mood to go for a workout.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt though, it’s that all the images you see in the media are ridiculous. You know the type; the celebrities that have had a baby two weeks previously and are back in the gym, or in a bikini on the beach being idolised for returning to a size zero so quickly. It’s dangerous, damaging, and completely unnatural.

I will get back to how I was, eventually, but it will take time and hard work, and I will just have to make peace with the millions of stretch marks and put up with the jelly tummy for the time being…


Deadlines and Babies Don’t Mix

I have a lot of things to get done lately. This never really changes. I always have jobs to do and errands to run. It’s part of being an adult, only I am still left wondering when that happened because it didn’t seem long ago that all I had to worry about was what pencil case I wanted to put all my rubbers into that day.

I had just got the hang of such things as paperwork and long, endless but nevertheless necessary telephone calls to utility providers when along came baby. Henry not only created more appointments and legal requirements to get my head around, but made the whole process of ‘I just need to do this quickly’ a rather lengthy and, dare I say, chaotic affair. No longer do I ‘pop in’ to a shop for something non-essential and online supermarket shopping has become my best friend, and frankly, my saviour.

Being a mum is hard work, requires careful planning, and constant adaptation, but I love a challenge. My life would be so different without him, and I do feel sorry for the me in a parallel universe who doesn’t know the joy and pure, unconditional, overwhelming love that Henry brings with him.

I am so grateful for how my life has developed into one of meaning recently.


Baby Hair

I love how Henry’s hair goes after his bath. It’s unbelieveably soft anyway, but after bathtime it’s always really fluffy. It kind of reminds me of a newborn chick or a duckling. Johnson’s baby bath makes him smell lovely too.

I never knew anything could be so cute. I just want to giggle at him all day, but then I would never get anything done.


He Hasn’t Seen Snow Before

I want to wrap him up in lots of clothes and his aptly named snow suit for a short walk in the white streets! He’s never seen snow before, and I wonder how he will react. I might just walk to the shop so he doesn’t get too cold. I want to see his little amazed face! I can’t wait until he’s old enough to go walking in it himself, making snowballs and taking him sledging!

Everything is exciting again now we have a child. Snow is just the tip of the ice-berg (please excuse the pun); there is Christmas, Lego, cartoons, birthdays, the zoo, the park, holidays, dinner time…


Bringing Him Home

After two nights on the maternity ward, we finally got discharged. It was scary, suddenly being responsible for another human. He is completely dependant on us in every way. I wonder if my life will now forever be thinking about if he’s too hot or too cold, whether he is hungry or tired and about changing nappies.


Time to Get Moving

I haven’t got anything ready really yet; I’ve only just started my maternity leave today and working full time doesn’t really leave much time for baby stuff but hopefully I can get everything sorted pretty quick. We’re supposed to be going pram shopping this weekend, which means it is really happening now.

I remember it doesn’t feel too long ago when we were saying ‘let’s leave the big purchases until nearer the due date’. And now it is time to really get moving and buy all those things we’ll need when he is actually here! I think we’re going down the disposable nappy route, for convenience, but I haven’t had the time to think about anything else yet.

We’ve got baby furniture being delivered on Monday (we haven’t even got the cot yet!). I was waiting until I finished work to do pretty much everything. The only thing we do have really is clothes. I wonder if everyone else is more prepared. I’m only a month off my due date, so I really will have to force myself to pack the hospital bag soon as well. I’m just scared about forgetting something important. I don’t have a clue what it will be like as I’ve never stayed in hospital before. I think it’s time to write a list…