The Big Decisions

Becoming a parent comes with an untold amount of responsibility. There is someone dependant on you, for everything. Signing consent forms is another horrible one. You know that the injections are for the best, but signing your name under the field marked ‘parent/guardian’ makes you stop and think all the bad things that could happen if say, he had a reaction to the treatment…

Another of the less important decisions to make (but still just as hard to come to a conclusion on) is this scenario; he falls asleep in his highchair. Do you leave him to sleep in what looks like an uncomfortable position, or do you attempt to move him to his cot and possibly wake him up in the process? I still don’t know, and it¬†has become¬†quite a regular occurance of late. Since he’s started eating so much more, when he gets full, he gets sleepy too. Like me after an all-you-can-eat carvery.

Henry is one of those babies who really struggles to go to sleep. He fights it, even when he is clearly tired. He just wants to stay awake all day so he doesn’t miss a single thing. And I just wanted some time for a cup of tea…


Sleep Pattern Mix-Up

Henry fell asleep at about half past four this afternoon. Now last night he slept from seven in the evening until six in the morning without waking! It was truly lovely.

I wanted that to happen again, so I let him have his nap amd at around six-ish, I tried to wake him up again. All I got was a frown and he went straight back to sleep. Even when I picked him up and talked to him… nothing.

I hope he doesn’t make us wake up early with him tomorrow. My other half is working until late this evening and I have to stay up to let him in due to a misplaced key incident.

That is the only reason I am still trying to stay awake. My bed is so comfortable and I don’t get to spend as much time in it as I would like.