Sunday Night Mischief (no, not really)

It’s not even nine in the evening, and I’ve done everything I need to do. The little one has been in bed for over an hour now, and I’ve done all the housework. I’ve tidied, hoovered, done all the washing up, cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and done all the laundry. I don’t know what to do with myself now. The other half is at work, and all that is on television is an old episode of ‘Traffic Cops’.

It’s lovely being well again. It’s the first day in well over a week that I’ve really felt able to do any housework at all. Now that I’ve done it all I can stop stressing about everything that needs to be done. Apparently I’m rather houseproud. It’s a recently new development. Only since we’ve moved into a really nice place, and since I’ve been on maternity leave with long evenings and not that much to do…

I’ve had time to blog, and even sketch a little picture of the darling himself.



Trying to Entertain a Baby

Occupying a three-month-old while moving house is a tricky business. It has to be the only day my car has ever decided not to start, and when it is so freezing cold there is ice on the roads. In hindsight, we didn’t really prepare enough for moving.

He was a diamond though, especially considering how stressed I was. We are lucky that a few brilliant friends turned up to help carry boxes and hold Henry while I had a panic about the state of the house we were supposed to be leaving. Turns out we aren’t that organised!

He refused to sleep in his moses basket the first night though. He probably didn’t realise what on earth was going on. Considering that is the only house he’s ever known.

We upgraded him to his moses basket in his cot the first two nights here, then last night we tried him just in the cot (but still in our room) to give him more room. It was so funny to see him in there because we are so used to seeing him in his moses basket and taking up the whole thing. His cotbed on the other hand, we could practically lose him in it!

He was brilliant though, and slept right through. I think it helps that he can see us through the bars, and now he has his mobile to entertain him. A baby has got to have a lullaby!


Sleep When They Sleep

All the baby advice books say it. All the experienced mothers tell you to ‘try and do it’. Your body wants more than anything to make the most of the quiet moments, and yet, it is harder than you would think.

There’s a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and a laundry basket overflowing, and even though you vacuumed yesterday it looks like you haven’t for years. The ‘I’ll quickly just do that’ moment turns into several chores, and before you know it, the little one has woken up and is needing a feed/nappy change/more attention.

I’ve tried to not do these things, but it has now resulted in me lying awake at night, watching the clock and knowing that I should be asleep but also could be catching up on the endless household duties I’ve recently failed to keep up with. So I end up doing neither.

Everyone tells me not to worry, because I have a new baby, but that doesn’t stop me cringing when someone walks in and tries not to notice the mess.

It also probably doesn’t help the situation that we have boxes everywhere and a terrible amount-of-clutter to size-of-house ratio. Well after this weekend hopefully that will have changed somewhat. I couldn’t be happier about moving, but I am on the stressful side of it at present.