Bathtime Reinvented

We’ve recently decided that the baby bath, although saving water, will have to be retired. It has been used until we cannot possibly squeeze our little boy into it any longer. Henry was also beginning to get frustrated and unhappy in the bath, being so restricted, and I also was starting to struggle to bath him on my own. It was fine for when he was younger, because he didn’t wiggle as much and he wasn’t as strong, but now he splashes and squirms and a naked, wet baby is rather hard to hold onto.

So yesterday, we trundled off to Mothercare to purchase a new bath seat. Now, I looked carefully into all the options. I read the many reviews of the various types online, both good, bad and dangerous. The reason I decided against a swivel bath seat was because of the reviews that mentioned the underneath having rough, unfinished plastic. I don’t want Henry to be left with scratches down his chubby little thighs like a lot of babies have suffered with.

A more expensive option is the one we went for in the end. It’s called an Aqua Pod and at £29.99, it’s not exactly cheap, and you can find them second-hand for less I’m sure, but we wanted the ease of getting one right away. In my opinion, it was worth every penny. It basically is a little seat (but with no sharp plastic edges) with suckers on it attached to a bath mat. It has a handy little temperature guide that reads ‘too hot’ if the water is, well, too hot. The pattern is cute with little ducks on it, and it comes in either pink or blue. We sat Henry in it last night, for his first ‘big boy bath’. We loaded it with various bath toys including his new animal squirters, seal flips, some rubber ducks and stacking cups with holes in them and sat him in the seat. He squealed for a little bit, but probably just with the shock of it. Before long, he was reaching for his toys, splashing me with giant tidal waves of water, and having a whale of a time (excuse the pun).

I’m actually looking forward to bath time now; it’s finally at the stage of being an addition to playtime rather than just part of the routine.

And I’m sure Henry is happy about that too. He slept like a baby afterwards…


Other Uses for the Baby Monitor

My other half just set up the baby monitor yesterday, and charged it overnight, as we’ve only just found it after unpacking the last of the remaining boxes. We decided on the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sensor Pad Monitor. Or ‘that thing’ for short. We eventually chose that one after looking around Mothercare with blank faces for what seemed like hours, partly because we have all the Tommee Tippee bottles and we trust the brand, and partly because it was on offer. We got it for around £60 in the end, and can be found for this price currently on Amazon.

Personally, I love it. For a baby monitor, it is really very clear. I can hear Henry breathing if I turn it up, and the monitor is positioned a fair distance away from him. The little sensor pad is a brilliant touch, especially if you are one of those parents who feels the need to check on him every few mintues like I am. I was a little unsure on how well it would work, but I really am impressed.

Now, we can watch a film after he has gone to bed in the other room, and I don’t have to keep pausing it to make sure he is still alright. He’ll still be in our room until six months, but now I’m not so worried about him moving to his room. It also has this really cute ‘talkback’ function. If you press a button on the side, you can reply to the baby. I’m guessing this is for reassurance, so he knows he isn’t left completely alone, but at the moment we just use it as a walkie-talkie. Fun for all the family!


Maternity Wear, or Lack Thereof

I have found it quite difficult to find nice, comfortable, non-frumpy maternity clothes. I have been quite big the whole way through the pregnancy. My bump showed very early on, or at least I was conscious of my ever increasing size when trying to squeeze into my previous size 10 clothes. It posed even more of a problem when trying to dress for work. Office maternity wear is even more limited, but luckily the dress code is quite relaxed where I am.

I went everywhere in search of some clothes that looked good with a bump, and what I found was more than disappointing. There was a few nice bits in H&M’s Mama range, but I can only get away with that because I’m still young. What about all those mum’s in their thirties and fourties? I’m sure that a tshirt with a ‘funny’ slogan on it referring to the bump would not be suitable. Maybe just for pyjamas…

Next had a tiny section for maternity clothes, along with Debenhams. I think their range is larger online, but it is no good trying to shop instore for maternity clothes. I guess their sales aren’t enough to warrant using up valuable square footage on these kinds of items. It’s a shame really, because I really wanted some nice clothes to wear for this period of my life considering that nine months is quite a long time when you are living it. I also believe strongly that how you look and what you wear make a huge difference to how you feel. There isn’t a time when I’ve felt quite as drained and generally in ill-health without actually being sick. I’m pregnant, not ill, and it would be nice if I could buy clothes to make me feel a little more comfortable as well as not being a complete fashion disaster.

Matalan have a few nice pieces online, nothing too flash, just some nice quality plain tops for example and Mothercare have the practical nursing tops, stretchy jeans and maternity underwear, but so far I haven’t seen anything I really love.