My Trainer (Every Girl Needs One)

I went to go and see a personal trainer yesterday evening, as my parents agreed to look after Henry for an hour or so while I nipped down to the gym. She specialises in pre and post-natal fitness, and words cannot describe how great it feels to know that what you are doing is beneficial rather than harmful to your recovery.

I, like a lot of women out there, didn’t have a clue where to start on getting back the tone in my stomach muscles. I also didn’t know what I could and couldn’t do in regards to which exercises I could safely participate in. Apparently, I’ve been doing it all wrong. But better I know now then a few months down the line when I’ve done serious and permanent damage.

It makes me wish that I had kept up doing something like swimming or antenatal exercise classes (such as pregnancy yoga) so I didn’t have to fight so hard now. But finding the energy and the time is rather difficult. Especially if you had every pregnancy symptom under the sun like I did. Being sick, having horrendous heartburn and falling asleep constantly doesn’t really leave you in the best mood to go for a workout.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt though, it’s that all the images you see in the media are ridiculous. You know the type; the celebrities that have had a baby two weeks previously and are back in the gym, or in a bikini on the beach being idolised for returning to a size zero so quickly. It’s dangerous, damaging, and completely unnatural.

I will get back to how I was, eventually, but it will take time and hard work, and I will just have to make peace with the millions of stretch marks and put up with the jelly tummy for the time being…


Sunday Night Mischief (no, not really)

It’s not even nine in the evening, and I’ve done everything I need to do. The little one has been in bed for over an hour now, and I’ve done all the housework. I’ve tidied, hoovered, done all the washing up, cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and done all the laundry. I don’t know what to do with myself now. The other half is at work, and all that is on television is an old episode of ‘Traffic Cops’.

It’s lovely being well again. It’s the first day in well over a week that I’ve really felt able to do any housework at all. Now that I’ve done it all I can stop stressing about everything that needs to be done. Apparently I’m rather houseproud. It’s a recently new development. Only since we’ve moved into a really nice place, and since I’ve been on maternity leave with long evenings and not that much to do…

I’ve had time to blog, and even sketch a little picture of the darling himself.



Lonely Seaside Stroll

It gets a little lonely sometimes, after the first few months. It is just around the time when you settle into your new role as a cleaner/carer/caterer and general handyperson. It has been a long time since the other half went back to work. A week off just doesn’t seem right when you have a new baby, but technically (even if not emotionally) it only takes one person to look after a baby, so that’s just the way it is.

When on maternity leave, it is lovely to not have any professional responsibility for the time being, while you get to grips with parenting in the early stages. It does, however, leave you on your own most of the time. The days go by quickly and slowly at the same time. It’s an odd feeling, not going to work. I, like a lot of other lucky people, have never been unemployed. It takes getting used to. Not because I have a lack of things to do, the list of chores is never-ending, but because it generally involves being on my own with Henry. I never really used to do anything alone.

While your life stops, almost as if time is standing still, everyone else carries going to work, and having busy social lives. Unfortunately most of these plans don’t include me anymore. I’m not interested in going clubbing anymore, unlike most people my age. I get bored, the music is the type you can only appreciate when very drunk and I would rather spend the time with Henry, or sleeping.

So today, I decided to put Henry in his pushchair and go for a nice, long walk by the sea. It was such a lovely day and it seemed a shame to waste it. This adds to the list of things I’ve only done on my own since Henry was born, like going to Costa for a coffee, going out for lunch, and going shopping. All these things previously felt like group tasks.

At least I’m not entirely on my own. Henry is brilliant company for a four-month-old, and when he giggles, it makes me feel so lucky to have this special time with him.


Time to Get Moving

I haven’t got anything ready really yet; I’ve only just started my maternity leave today and working full time doesn’t really leave much time for baby stuff but hopefully I can get everything sorted pretty quick. We’re supposed to be going pram shopping this weekend, which means it is really happening now.

I remember it doesn’t feel too long ago when we were saying ‘let’s leave the big purchases until nearer the due date’. And now it is time to really get moving and buy all those things we’ll need when he is actually here! I think we’re going down the disposable nappy route, for convenience, but I haven’t had the time to think about anything else yet.

We’ve got baby furniture being delivered on Monday (we haven’t even got the cot yet!). I was waiting until I finished work to do pretty much everything. The only thing we do have really is clothes. I wonder if everyone else is more prepared. I’m only a month off my due date, so I really will have to force myself to pack the hospital bag soon as well. I’m just scared about forgetting something important. I don’t have a clue what it will be like as I’ve never stayed in hospital before. I think it’s time to write a list…


Maternity Wear, or Lack Thereof

I have found it quite difficult to find nice, comfortable, non-frumpy maternity clothes. I have been quite big the whole way through the pregnancy. My bump showed very early on, or at least I was conscious of my ever increasing size when trying to squeeze into my previous size 10 clothes. It posed even more of a problem when trying to dress for work. Office maternity wear is even more limited, but luckily the dress code is quite relaxed where I am.

I went everywhere in search of some clothes that looked good with a bump, and what I found was more than disappointing. There was a few nice bits in H&M’s Mama range, but I can only get away with that because I’m still young. What about all those mum’s in their thirties and fourties? I’m sure that a tshirt with a ‘funny’ slogan on it referring to the bump would not be suitable. Maybe just for pyjamas…

Next had a tiny section for maternity clothes, along with Debenhams. I think their range is larger online, but it is no good trying to shop instore for maternity clothes. I guess their sales aren’t enough to warrant using up valuable square footage on these kinds of items. It’s a shame really, because I really wanted some nice clothes to wear for this period of my life considering that nine months is quite a long time when you are living it. I also believe strongly that how you look and what you wear make a huge difference to how you feel. There isn’t a time when I’ve felt quite as drained and generally in ill-health without actually being sick. I’m pregnant, not ill, and it would be nice if I could buy clothes to make me feel a little more comfortable as well as not being a complete fashion disaster.

Matalan have a few nice pieces online, nothing too flash, just some nice quality plain tops for example and Mothercare have the practical nursing tops, stretchy jeans and maternity underwear, but so far I haven’t seen anything I really love.