Struggling on Through

The hardest thing about being a parent is having someone completely dependant on you. They can’t do anything for themselves, especially in the beginning. It is okay, most of the time being quite normal, as you want to look after them and do everything you can. The problem comes when you can’t take care of them. Illness is one of those things that makes everyday life so much harder. Henry isn’t sick, luckily, and he still hasn’t been ill yet! I’m putting it down to the breastfeeding, but he has done really well so far. No, it is me that has come down with severe sickness and I’ve been struggling to look after myself as well as continue to be a good mother to Henry. On top of that, the other half has come down with the same thing. A few days ago, I couldn’t even get out of bed. Henry still wants to carry on as normal though!

Thankfully, I have my own mother to call in on, and she loves spending time with the little one, inbetween her own work commitments. I just can’t wait to be better! It’s just typical that I’m ill when the weather starts to get nicer and my brother comes to see Henry for the week and when I’ve just started to get into a nice routine of going out…

Between us though, we’ve managed. It hasn’t been pretty but we’ve carried on as best we can. Henry has now tried his little baby rice. He doesn’t like it half as much as the carrot and parsnip but he dives for the spoon with an open mouth anyway. I’ve been trying to give him more and more puree and food because since I have been ill, I know he’s not getting all the milk he wants. It’s a struggle, but hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back on track.

Henry had his little injections as well, and he was very good. He flinched a little when the needle went in, and he moaned for a few seconds, but was fine after that and was more interested in other things going on around him. I’m just happy he doesn’t have to have anymore until he is a year old. Even though I know he’s really good about it, I’m still always quite tense walking into the nurse’s office.

I just hope it doesn’t weaken his immune system enough to catch whatever myself and his father have. I was really debating whether to take him in then or postpone his injections. I decided to just go for it, but we shall see how that goes. So far, so good.


Second Immunisations

We woke up early again this morning, and took that lovely journey to the doctors’ surgery. Second time round, we knew what to expect. Henry was clean, recently fed, and given lots and lots of cuddles. He cried a little when the needles went in, but he cheered up pretty quick when I distracted him with my smiling face.

It wasn’t too bad this time. It was quick, and we were in and out and back home in a flash. Henry doesn’t have any sort of reaction to the injections, and it is business as usual.

Same time next month?


First Immunisations

Henry’s check up was all fine; I couldn’t help laughing at him as he was being examined on the doctor’s bed. He was looking at me and his daddy as if to say ‘Why am I naked, in this strange room? Who is this man? Oh, why is he doing that?’. His big, wide eyes were just trying to figure out what on earth was going on. Until we had to go to see the nurse for his first immunisations. The poor guy didn’t know what had hit him. One needle in each of his chubby little thighs. I couldn’t even watch – his daddy held him while I turned away.

It’s for his own good though, I know that. But his big, puppy-dog eyes looking up at me all tearful melted my heart! I felt so incredibly mean even though it had to be done. I’d bought a bottle of Infant Capol for the occasion, as advised, but after we had got home he settled down and was satisfied with lots of cuddles and attention.

I’d heard a lot about other babies getting temperatures as a reaction to the injections, but Henry was absolutely fine. We just kept an eye on him that evening though. I’m not looking forward to the next set, but it is protecting him from getting all those serious illnesses. I will just have to grin and bear it!