Sunday Night Mischief (no, not really)

It’s not even nine in the evening, and I’ve done everything I need to do. The little one has been in bed for over an hour now, and I’ve done all the housework. I’ve tidied, hoovered, done all the washing up, cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and done all the laundry. I don’t know what to do with myself now. The other half is at work, and all that is on television is an old episode of ‘Traffic Cops’.

It’s lovely being well again. It’s the first day in well over a week that I’ve really felt able to do any housework at all. Now that I’ve done it all I can stop stressing about everything that needs to be done. Apparently I’m rather houseproud. It’s a recently new development. Only since we’ve moved into a really nice place, and since I’ve been on maternity leave with long evenings and not that much to do…

I’ve had time to blog, and even sketch a little picture of the darling himself.



Date Night (Sort of)

So this is the first time the other half and I have managed to get out together for a date since Henry was born. His nan babysat him for three hours or so, and I had left as much milk as I could to try and last through the length of a movie. It was pretty much a case of ‘Here, mum, we will try not to be too long’.

We went to see Sherlock Holmes 2, which I thoroughly enjoyed, except the part where you see Stephen Fry naked. I could have comfortably gone my whole life without seeing that particular view. It was very funny though and it was nice to have a break for a while!

When we went to pick up Henry from my mother, we could hear him crying as we walked up to the front door. He felt he was just a little too hungry, the poor baby, so I fed him straight away and he calmed right down. That’s the problem with breastfeeding. It’s so great in so many ways. I’m sure you’ve heard of the benefits, physically and emotionally, but it does make a night off near impossible. Even a couple of hours and Henry begins to get desperate.

I know that it is currently recommended to exclusively breastfeed until 6 months of age, and then continue partially until a year old, but I can really understand why that wouldn’t necessarily be viable let alone preferential. I will really have to have a rethink about the options for when I return to work…