Daredevil Baby

Henry has started to be a lot more daring during playtime. His dad does throws him up and catches him, swings him about and all sorts. He used to be too fragile to play with in this way. It has only just been since he can now fully hold his head up, and since he has become so much stronger than he was when he was a newborn. Henry giggles so much, his face the picture of excitement!

I’m not going to be ‘the fun one’ but I can still watch and appreciate what he has with his daddy. He loves him so much, it really is quite nice to step back and watch such a lovely moment.

Anyway, he needs someone to remember he’s got everything before he leaves the house, and to tell him not to forget his coat when it is cold, or to put suncream on when it’s hot. I’ve got that well and truly covered.


He Wants to Eat Constantly

I can’t tell if it is a growth spurt or a sign that he is ready to try weaning, but after the short while where we settled into a nice three to four hourly routine, Henry now wants to eat all the time. Where he used to sleep through the night, (it was getting to become a regular, ten hour, uninterrupted stint) he now wakes up four, maybe five, times a night. It is just like having a newborn again! He is just constantly hungry, and I have decided that I’m going to leave it another week until he is the recommended 17 weeks. If he is still desperate for more food, I will start to slowly introduce food starting with baby rice then fruit and vegetable purees.

I’ve got the Annabel Karmel ‘Top 100 Baby Purees’ book and I’ve got the cute, little, plastic spoons and bowls, the little beaker cups and those really excellent freezer trays. I ordered all my weaning products from Kiddicare, just because they are really reasonably priced, and their delivery is so quick and easy. There are so many different types and styles and brands out on the market, it’s really quite hard to make a decision when it comes to purchasing for your baby. Personally, I just went on a combination of price and previous customer reviews.

I’ll update with how I get on with that. I’m going to start boiling and freezing food for Henry in those tiny portions, as you can keep them in the freezer for up to a month. I think I’m going to start with carrot…


When to Wean?

There is no shortage of advice on the subject of weaning; everything from when to start to what equipment you should be using. If you hunt around for the recommendations, you will soon realise that most of the well-meaning advice is often conflicting and very confusing.

Obviously, as a parent, I want to do the best for my little Henry. I know that the digestive system is not yet developed enough to cope with anything other than breastmilk or formula until 17 weeks. However, it is now recommended that weaning is started after six months, but I don’t know any parents that have waited until then. Also, I’m sure that each and every baby is different. The question is, what is right for mine?

Well, he can sit up with minimal support now, he has started waking up for another feed in the night, he seems so much hungrier and I always seem to be feeding him now. He stares at us when we eat, and he has recently started sucking his hands like there’s no tomorrow.

I think it really is better to just go with your instincts. Failing that, my own mother is a pretty good source of information…


He Hasn’t Seen Snow Before

I want to wrap him up in lots of clothes and his aptly named snow suit for a short walk in the white streets! He’s never seen snow before, and I wonder how he will react. I might just walk to the shop so he doesn’t get too cold. I want to see his little amazed face! I can’t wait until he’s old enough to go walking in it himself, making snowballs and taking him sledging!

Everything is exciting again now we have a child. Snow is just the tip of the ice-berg (please excuse the pun); there is Christmas, Lego, cartoons, birthdays, the zoo, the park, holidays, dinner time…


He’s awake!

My little boy is 11 weeks old tomorrow, and he is beautiful. He’s already got dark brown eyes and both of them are currently fixed upon me. I never knew, before I had a child, that my face was that interesting. Or the ceiling. Or any light source. It’s so very strange thinking that it is all brand new to him. I’m looking forward to when he’s a little older, and we can tell him all the (appalling) jokes that he will probably think is hilarious because he has never heard them before. Horrah! I can even bring out that massive book of knock knock jokes that has been collecting dust on the bookshelf.

We are also moving house in a week and a half. Shortly after the bubs arrived, we decided we needed about three hundred times the space. Not having the money for three hundred times the space, we then found somewhere that was a little larger. I hope that Henry is okay with the move. I’m fully expecting him to be rather unsettled for a few days. He doesn’t like other people’s houses very much and tends to only really relax at home. I may invest in some earplugs incase he feels the need to give his lungs a workout on moving day!


Bringing Him Home

After two nights on the maternity ward, we finally got discharged. It was scary, suddenly being responsible for another human. He is completely dependant on us in every way. I wonder if my life will now forever be thinking about if he’s too hot or too cold, whether he is hungry or tired and about changing nappies.