3 Sleeps ’til Christmas

I have been looking forward to Christmas so much this year! It’ll be Henry’s second one, but he’ll realise he has new toys to play with this year!

It’s almost a year since we got engaged, on Christmas day 2011. It was the most perfect present, all wrapped up under the tree in a little box. I was under strict instructions to leave that one until last. I must have showed everyone my left hand that day, week and up until it turned from yelps of happiness into polite smiles and a nod of the head. But it only happens once! And I’m excited that the most important thing is already sorted; the fact that I’m going to marry the love of my life!

Henry was a month old on his first Christmas, sporting a little reindeer jumper with the words “santa’s little helper” printed across the front.


He didn’t know what was going on, but did seem interested in the tree and decorations. I can’t believe it has been a whole year since then. 3 more sleeps and Henry can enjoy a day that will always be so full of love. A day that cemented our little family unit. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without our little boy.


First Christmas

It’s Henry’s first Christmas! He doesn’t realise what’s going on though, he just likes looking at all the shiny decorations and the huge christmas tree in the corner. He’s been made a right fuss of though, and has gotten so much attention and cuddles from all the family.

He had a number of fancy dress outfits for the day. Henry was Santa, a reindeer and Santa’s Little Helper today. It has to be done.

Also, Henry got to be the only one to watch his mummy and daddy get engaged! There was a small ring box wrapped up under the tree. Romance is well and truly alive! I am one lucky lady.