Returning to the Duck Pond

I enjoyed another lovely, sunny day again today with another trip to the duck pond, and a nice catch up with a mum-friend.

It is very strange to see another friend (especially the same age as me) with a baby. I know maybe seven or eight, and actually meet up with two. It is so nice to finally be able to talk about being a mother with someone who knows and understands and is going through the same thing.

I never looked at it this way before, but sharing similar life-changing experiences is quite a good basis for friendship, and it is nice to have the same views on being a young mother. It’s hard to meet other teen mums that work hard and don’t wear jogging bottoms with the word ‘juicy’ printed across the buttocks. And that’s not because they don’t exist. I am one of them. Rather, it’s because they seek like-minded young mums in all the wrong places. Specific ‘young mother’ groups and clubs tend to be of the ‘juicy bum’ variety, and it seems pointless in returning to a place filled with Vicky Pollards.

I hope that I don’t come across like that just because I became a mother at a younger age than seen in our society as ‘the norm’. But then I’m sure that older mothers suffer the same judgement and abuse at the hands of perfect strangers.

And if you do want to group me in the same crowd as those, then watch out, because soon enough there will be a whole army of hard-working, decent young mothers to change your mind.

And while I got to chat about all things mum, Henry enjoyed looking at the ducks, chewing on my finger and having a snooze. Successful day in my book.


Duck Pond

It’s such a lovely, sunny day today that we took Henry out in his pushchair and took him to the park. We had a nice walk around the duck pond and over bridges and in the woods, bought ice creams and enjoyed the sunshine.

Henry loves being outside so much. Apparently I was the same as a child. It’s funny how he can be so upset indoors for some unknown reason yet as soon as we step outside he’s the happiest little boy on the planet.

I think we may have to invest in some National Trust memberships when he’s a little older. He’s going to be a nature kid. I’m glad. Better that than television and xbox. Little boys need the park and outdoor games, especially in summer. It will be lovely to take him to feed the ducks too. There’s so many things to get excited about now.