Never Eat Tuna in the Bath

When you begin life as a parent, multi-tasking becomes part of your skill set, naturally.

After baby is all fed, clean, happy and done playing for the day, you only get a short window of time in which to do a weeks worth of chores. Washing and eating are usually last on my list after laundry, cleaning, meal preparation, paying bills and ordering in the groceries.

So it just so happens I decided to combine the washing and the eating to save time and hopefully get to my bed quicker. Now, it did save time but I’m not going to be repeating the process. There is something so wrong about eating tuna and olive pasta in the bath tub. The smells tend to mix into one strange mess of clean smelling fish. And olives taste enough like perfume anyway, before combining with actual perfume. The result is less than satisfying.

Imagine bathing in tuna and eating bubble bath.

And that’s even without the dreaded (but more common than you think!) spillage. Luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I cringe at the thought of trying to tidy that up. And wash that off.

I think I’ll stick to seperating the two from now on.


Sleep When They Sleep

All the baby advice books say it. All the experienced mothers tell you to ‘try and do it’. Your body wants more than anything to make the most of the quiet moments, and yet, it is harder than you would think.

There’s a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and a laundry basket overflowing, and even though you vacuumed yesterday it looks like you haven’t for years. The ‘I’ll quickly just do that’ moment turns into several chores, and before you know it, the little one has woken up and is needing a feed/nappy change/more attention.

I’ve tried to not do these things, but it has now resulted in me lying awake at night, watching the clock and knowing that I should be asleep but also could be catching up on the endless household duties I’ve recently failed to keep up with. So I end up doing neither.

Everyone tells me not to worry, because I have a new baby, but that doesn’t stop me cringing when someone walks in and tries not to notice the mess.

It also probably doesn’t help the situation that we have boxes everywhere and a terrible amount-of-clutter to size-of-house ratio. Well after this weekend hopefully that will have changed somewhat. I couldn’t be happier about moving, but I am on the stressful side of it at present.