My boy, my bowling buddy

We took Henry bowling yesterday. He’s been before with his daddy, but we were both there this time. He started getting squeaky and excited before we even entered the building. His little squeals of happiness are so lovely.

He could barely wait until I had entered his name on the screen. “Henry” on the one little lane. His daddy set up the little ramp for him and helped (carried) the bowling ball over to the ramp. Henry wasn’t quite tall enough to reach, so needed to be picked up to even reach the ball.

Henry bowling

Henry bowling

Henry really did enjoy himself. He would say ”ready, steady, GO!” as he pushed the ball, and then stand there and watch as it rolled slowly down the lane. When it hit the skittles, he would cheer and clap his chubby little hands. Everything is exciting again with him around. I’m really enjoying being a mum!