Henry and I went on a walk along the seafront today, and this time we had my parents and brother for company. It’s nice to have the company, and Henry does love his family. I want them to be a big part of his life – family is important. I also invested in a parasol for his pushchair. It works perfectly, keeping the sun out of my son’s eyes.

He was very well behaved as well. We only had a tiny outburst in the shop, but he seems to do that whenever we go inside, he just loves being outdoors! It was such a nice day though, we could sit outside with our coffee and chocolate cake and feel very comfortable. Henry was snoozing under his brand new parasol from Boots at this point, without a care in the world.

My mother suggested I buy him a little windmill we saw displayed outside one of the newsagents. Henry absolutely loves it. He stares at it, and even stops mid-cry to gaze at its shiny spirals. It is the best £1.50 I ever spent. The entertainment is endless.



The Perfect Pushchair

I adore my pushchair. It is absolutely perfect for me. It was paid for as a baby gift by my parents, but the other half and I got to choose it. We all went down to Mothercare and did the funny test-run around the store. It was the first one we tried out, and after trying several others, it always came back to that one. We decided on the Silver Cross Pop Classic Stroller – Blue Bubbles, and I have never regretted it. It fits perfectly in the boot of my small, run-around-town car, is really very light and is so quick and easy to expand and collapse. I look at other parents struggling to work out how to pull their buggies apart and I smile to myself.

It was because I heard so many stories about new mums and dads spending a fortune on huge, expensive travel systems, only to go out and purchase a smaller more practical model at a fraction of the cost just weeks later that I decided on this one. It may not be the best, but it is the best for me.

Take my advice, buy a pushchair that you can use. There are so many available, but make sure it will fit in with your lifestyle. But most of all, don’t be the parent standing outside their car for twenty minutes in the rain trying to remember which lever you were supposed to pull first.


Baby Clubs

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but I’m going to say it again because it’s the best advice I’ve got. Never buy anything for your baby full price. Ever. Collect vouchers and coupons, sign up to mum and baby clubs online, and stock up when the local supermarket holds its ‘Baby Event’.

The following are just a collection of the many branded clubs you can sign up to. They give you a range of free baby things, vouchers in the post and more baby inspired reading material than you can get through in your entire life. They all want your custom though, and every company is competing for it! So save the pounds and click through to the links below.

Emma’s Diary

Bounty Baby Club

Boots Parenting Club

Mothercare Baby & Me Club

Tesco Baby & Toddler Club

Sainsbury’s Little Ones

Asda Baby & Toddler Club

Toys R Us Mother and Baby Club

Tommee Tippee Parenting Club

Aptamil Baby Club

Cow and Gate Baby Club

SMA Baby Club

HiPP Baby Club

Pampers Baby

Huggies Club

Fisher Price Mums Club


If I’ve missed any, please comment or email me henrysmother@hotmail.co.uk