Double Milestone Day

The day before yesterday, Henry decided to surprise us both by showing us that he is growing up. I was in our bedroom, and my other half was in the nursery, presumably changing Henry’s nappy. I could hear over the baby monitor the sound of them playing together and having a morning chat.

‘Henryyyy. How are you this morning?’


‘Oh, really? So you had a nice sleepy, did you?’


‘Can you say dada?’


‘Did you just say daddy?’


And so it went, that mum lost the race to be the first ever distinguishable word to be spoken by our son. And I was so proud of him that I didn’t even care. Henry’s daddy and I were both grinning like idiots for the rest of the day. What a clever boy!

But just a few hours later, with Henry crawling around the floor, I turned around to see him clinging onto the edge of the tv unit, standing up. He’d pulled himself up from crawling position for the first time on his own. Once he’d figured out how to do it, he repeated this on the side of the sofa, and decided that standing was far better than crawling.

He’s becoming a little boy right before our very eyes. He’s not even eight months yet, and he’s doing all this. I can’t believe how quick it’s going, but I am very proud of him. Now I get why people go on and on about their children. I don’t mind in the slightest indulging other parents in this anymore! It’s just the best feeling, there really is nothing like being a parent.


Chatty Baby

Henry’s started being such a chatty little baby recently. This morning, he almost said ‘dada’, so I spent the whole morning trying to get him to copy me saying it. It didn’t work, but he is very close to his first word! The gaga and goo-goos are getting so easy for him, and he’s talking pretty much the whole day now.

I could sit and listen to him forever. I never knew a little voice could be so adorable. It’s better than any music I’ve ever heard, and it makes me smile when I hear his little babbling.

Clever little baby, it won’t be long before I’m teaching him about the world.