Swimming Success

We took Henry swimming again this morning, and with a friend joining us too. Henry adores other children and babies. He finds them fascinating and stares at them, attempting to copy their actions. He’s a baby with an inquisitive nature, and he learns so well in these situations. I really relax around other mums too. It’s nice to be with someone who knows exactly what it’s like.

And this time, unlike the less successful swimming session we had pre-wetsuit, Henry had so much fun! It was by far the happiest he’s been in the water so far, and the most animated he’s been. We held him on his back, floating in the water, and he splashed his little, podgy arms and kicked his chubby legs making massive splashes and laughing and smiling all the while. He loved it. He splashed himself with water then laughed about it. He’s never been like this before. It makes it so much nicer that he’s clearly getting a lot of enjoyment out of it, and it makes it far more rewarding for me. My persistance is finally paying off!

I don’t even dread going back next week. I want to go, I’m actually looking forward to it. Wow, I never thought I would say that.

And Henry didn’t even cry when we were getting him changed. A few little grumbles as he was being manouvered back into his clothes, but what baby doesn’t prefer being naked and free as nature intended? And nature obviously intended for Henry to be a little water baby… eventually.

2 thoughts on “Swimming Success

  1. way to go Henry! i always dreaded swimming lessons with both of mine, they loathed every single minute of it! my youngest (now 7) had to give up a few months back, she seems to be terrified of the water….. wishing, after reading this, that i had started them both at a much younger age!

    • It’s something that, after a bad experience, can easily put you off ever going again. Especially as it’s something that is quite easily avoided, but I’m very glad I stuck at it with Henry now. I think learning to swim when you are a child is easier than as an adult, but some people just have a genuine fear of water! It’s easier to take Henry as a baby, because he’ll get used to it as he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter! I’m guessing that older children are a little more difficult to persuade…

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