Ikea Kids

I love Ikea. It is so good for quality, generally well-designed, reasonably priced products. And they have an excellent kids department. The only problem is the distance to get to the place. It’s a good 2-hour drive to the closest one.

On our last visit though, we had a good look around for bits for Henry, and he really enjoyed himself! That’s another thing that is so good about Ikea. It’s very family-orientated. They even have a privacy screen in their cafe for breastfeeding women to use if they so wish. The endless highchairs and activity stations dotted throughout the showroom makes for a pleasant shopping experience.

And this time, we ’invested’ in a circus tent for Henry, complete with shaggy, green rug (that looks very similar to a grassy field).

61446_452582968121430_461722513_n As you can see, it is a big success. Henry loved it in the shop, and even more at home. If you have the space (and even if you don’t – it folds up!) I would definitely recommend this. And when he gets older, it will be great for imaginative play. I only wish I could have had the same when I was his age!

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